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Monday July 24, 2017) - Jaida was sworn in to become a US Marine and boarded her bus in Tampa for Boot Camp at Parris Island, South Carolina. She'll be undergoing intensive training for 13 weeks ending with the "Crucible" prior to graduation October 20th. Oh, the Eclipse of Aug 21st was 98.5% totality at Parris Island. A Video of the Female Crucible is here.

During the last two weeks prior to departure, Jaida has "Crash Recorded" a bunch of songs with her friend Sean Daniel all of which will be posted on his Youtube site.



In addition to my love for the arts, for as long as I can remember, I've always had a secret passion for being a US Marine. In January I signed up for deleayed entry giving me time to finish school. I would now be participating in PT twice a week and MEPS monthly. Because of my early training and introduction of a new recruit, I have already been promoted to E2. July I am scheduled to report to Paris Island. Some Pictures.

My name is Jaida Lee Wilson. I'm a 18 year old Singer- Songwriter from Sarasota, Fl, and soon to be at Paris Is.

I am originally from Wilson a small farming community in western New York. From there I attended Centauri Summer Arts Camp in Canada for 3 summers. Centauri is a international arts camp located in Ontario that has a lot to offer. I've taken a workshop in acting for theatre and film one year and workshops in songwriting for the other 2 years.

Acting is another thing for which I have a passion. October 2013, I was casted as Radio voice, Teen angel, and the Sandy understudy for the show Grease.

Winter 2014, I moved to Sarasota Fl as it offered me greater opportunities in the area of performing arts. I was casted as Liesl in my high schools production of The Sound Of Music. May 2015, you saw me as a Silly Girl in my schools production of Beauty and the Beast, and in 2016 in Elton John's Aida.


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