My name is Jaida Lee Wilson. I'm a 18 year old Singer- Songwriter from Sarasota, Fl, and soon to be at Paris Is.

I am originally from Wilson a small farming community in western New York. From there I attended Centauri Summer Arts Camp in Canada for 3 summers. Centauri is a international arts camp located in Ontario that has a lot to offer. I've taken a workshop in acting for theatre and film one year and workshops in songwriting for the other 2 years.

Acting is another thing for which I have a passion. October 2013, I was casted as Radio voice, Teen angel, and the Sandy understudy for the show Grease.

Winter 2014, I moved to Sarasota Fl as it offered me greater opportunities in the area of performing arts. I was casted as Liesl in my high schools production of The Sound Of Music. May 2015, you saw me as a Silly Girl in my schools production of Beauty and the Beast, and in 2016 in Elton John's Aida.

In addition to my love for the arts, for as long as I can remember, I've always had a secret passion for being a US Marine. In January I signed up for deleayed entry giving me time to finish school. I would now be participating in PT twice a week and MEPS monthly. Because of my early training and introduction of a new recruit, I have already been promoted to E2. July I am scheduled to report to Paris Island. Some Pictures.


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