Selected Videos
Most all videos recorded with iPhone unless otherwise indicated.

You got to love it, a couple garage band jams in a garage only with Porches & Maseratis in the mix. The Music Compound learning center, often holds open houses and Jaida sometimes participates. A Recent events took place at Elite Motor Works a foreign car specialist. Here a couple of Jaida's videos.

2016 WWSB CH 7 ABC. Performed original composition "Venom" on the "Suncoast View" accompanied by Max Boghossian. Performance in conjunction with the Music Compound a music learning center in Sarasota. © Music and lyrics, Jada Lee Wilson 2013 first use.

Every Year Grandpa Sandy makes a Christmas Card in the form of a video and sends to his & Debbie's friends. For this years Christmas Greeting he asked me to sing O Holy Night set to scenes from The Nativity Story.

2015 spring musical was Beauty and the Beast. I played a "Silly Girl" ever in pursuit of debonaire Gaston. It was probably the most physical role I've played. Video taken by Grandpa Sandy with iPhone6 from row three left isle.

Broadway comes to life with our early 2015 coral ensemble presentation of popular shows. Here I am performing Sarah from the show Ragtime. The video was shot from afar on an iPhone 6plus at a local church gym. Audio and acoustics way below par - Sorry

Singing with me was Kelsey Wilson accompanied by a six piece band. It's taking place at the Fall Festival, Sarasota, October 2014. This is an Afternoon warm-up featuring one of my solos covering Adels' "Rolling in the Deep". (Video using 1st generation iPad)

Again at the Fall Festival, Sarasota, October 2014, Jaida Lee, Kelsey Wilson and six piece band. This is my last solo covering Oceans "Where Feet May Fail" partial only. (Video using 1st generation iPad)

A Sarasota annual event on Halloween at our famous tourist area, "St. Armans Circle". This is 2014's version and sadly I didn't make the cut on our local TV Stations Video. Maybe next year.

WDCX 99.5 Buffalo had an on air audition from submitted tapes. Nine of the finalists were chosen by the station judges and one by call in / texting. I was that one. On July 16th the station had a live competition, my first, for the ten at Branches of Niagara Campground. Although fun, I didn't make the top three.

The Song "Blind Man" is an original composition (music and lyrics) by Jaida and Adam Turkoski (left.) Julian Kennedy. Performed at during my 2nd year at Centuri Arts Camp, Ontario, Canada during summer 2013.Copyright July 2013 by aforementioned.

"Fall Through" - a shared composition (music & lyrics) by Jaida, Emma Dean, and Langston Francis. One of three songs performed by Jaida at Centauri Camp.
Copyright July 2014 aforementioned.

"Sixteen Going on Seventeen" from B'Way Show, Sound of Music. It is sung in its two versions. One with Rolf and one with Maria. Video taken by my grandpa Sandy using his iPhone at Sarasota High School May 2014.

"Bennie and the Jets" by Elton John This Jaida also covered at the Sarasora High School Cabaret Night.

Jaida's friend Emma Meadows directed this video and came up with most of the ideas. Jaida was the main performer and sings in the background. 2/2014



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