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This webpage was originally set up to follow Jaida Lee Wilson's progress in the area of performing arts. An abrupt change of heart early in '17 shifted her direction towards becoming a US Marine - a hidden desire she confessed to have had "since eighth grade". As a result this website was put on hold, continuing with only limited updates.

Monday July 24, 2017, Jaida was sworn in to the US Marine 4TH Recruit Training Battalion - Nov. Co. and boarded her bus for Boot Camp at Parris Island, South Carolina. She underwent 13 weeks intensive training ending with the 54 hour non-stop "Crucible". [Both the male's and the female's are the same]. A Video of the Female Crucible is here.

Jaida passed the Crucible and graduated Boot Camp, then only, as a US MARINE, one a few with early promotion to PFC. This is the girl who left Wilson NY to live with her grandparents in Sarasota to follow a career in performing arts, then who abruptly decided to join the Marines. Friends and family showed up for her graduation October 20th with a celebratory party that evening. [See Montage]

Jaida, after a 10 day liberty, now moved on to combat training at Camp Lejeune, NC., and then off to communications school, Twentynine Palms, CA. April '18, Jaida was Promoted to Lance Corporal
May '18, She graduated school MOS 0631-
     Communications Data Network Administrator
June '18, She flew to a new base in Kaiserslautern
     near Stuttgart, Germany
Sept 12th, Jaida's baby sister arrives.
Jan '19, Home on leave, Jaida records a new song.
June '19, Jaida earned her "blood stripes" and
     promotion to E4 Corporal.
July -19, Updated travel list since arrival at base.
Jan- 20 Received new assignment orders to Marine
    Corps Air Station Cherry Point (NC)
Mar- 31 Little Leo showed up ahead of scheduled

AUTOBIOGRAPHY as of Jan 2016

My name is Jaida Lee Wilson. I'm a 17 year old Singer/Songwriter and I play a bit of piano to back that up. Music is my life. I've been singing since I can remember. I live in Sarasota, Florida.

I spend my summers in Western New York but I continue to write music year round. I have attended Centauri Summer Arts Camp in Canada for 3 years in a row which is a international arts camp located in Ontario, that has a lot to offer. I've taken a workshop in acting for theatre and film one year and workshops in songwriting for the other 2 years.

Acting is another thing for which I have a passion. October 2013, I was casted as Radio voice, Teen angel, and the Sandy understudy for the show Grease May 2014. I was Liesl in my high schools production of The Sound Of Music in 2015. The following year, you saw me as a Silly Girl in my schools production of Beauty and the Beast. I have performed at various places and I will continue to perform at more.

Oh, I, along with my HS Chamber Coral Ensemble, got to sing on stage with "Foreigner" at the Van Wezel performing Arts Hall. [Photo in Montage].

I want to share my love for the arts with the world through my music and every role I take on. Music is my life and I don't know where I'd be without it.
One final note on Jaida's last musical endeavours: During the summer of 2017, Jaida has "Crash Recorded" a bunch of songs with her friend Sean Daniel all of which are posted on his Youtube Channel. She continues to record songs with him when on leave in Sarasota. Her most recent recording was Jan 03, 2019.

Contacts - some still operative



JaidaLee.com, JaidaLeeWilson.com, was put together by Grandpa Sandy Estabrook who hangs out at AbacoEscape.com or WilsonOnTheLake.com. Last Updated Spring 2018